Japanese flag studded with traditional culture and lucky charms for you!

traditional but modern customs

The flag, formerly used by the fishermen in Japan to demonstrate their big catch during the return way to the home port, so the family could know that their husband or son is coming back safe with a good result of fishing. This flag is called as "Tairyo-ki". which has the meaning of flag of the big catch.
Therefore it is said that this flag brings to the family a wealth and the peace of mind.

Also, they display at the ceremony of boat launch or the new year cerebration praying for the safe sailing for the year.
Nowadays even people don't concern to the fishery industry display these flags on the wall of home, for example, to cerebrate the new birth of kid. Also they display the flag at the party hall for the wedding party because the flag means "good catching" the lifetime partner,and is called as a lucky charm.

The flag embodies the quintessence of Japanese traditional art and religious mind.

As the flags have introduced drawing technique of Hokusai Katsushika, or contained very colorful good-luck articles such as Mt. Fuji-yama, eagle, egg plant, the seven eeities of good fortune, or a treasure ship, we are caught fascinated by the power that the flags have. The flags have been always the essence of folk art and racial religion.

We are deeply proud of introducing the colorful and beautiful flags representing the Japanese unique method for the design.

Fully customizable at the reasonable price

Selectable templates and items

You can select the template you prefer from our various samples. Also items are selectable, from well prepared lucky items such as sunrise, birds, Mt. Fuji-yama, etc. You can learn the meaning of each items in detail here.

Please don't hesitate to ask us to arrange the flag if you don't want to spend your time for your own selection. We will do the best for you after hearing from you about the purpose and usage of the flag.

You can order even your name in Kanji drawn by professional quality

We are glad to offer you your name written in Kanji by Japanese traditional brush. You will have the PDF data of your name sent together with the flag, for your various purpose. Your name will be drawn with professional quality.

Flags for decoration use at the lowest price

Our flags are not suitable for the use in the sea, as just produced for the in-door use. This is why the price of the flags we produce is extremely low even in the market in Japan, varying from fifteen thousand to twenty-five thousand yens depending on the size. Please note that the prices don't include the shipping cost to your house.



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