We would express our deepest sympathy to all the people who encountered the Tohoku earthquake disaster in Japan, March 2011.
Website management services, such as website hosting, website support, server management, have seen an increase in popularity and significant technological advances while at the same time, prices for these services have also become cheaper than ever before. These days, it’s inconceivable to see even a small business operate without a website; even at an individual level, an increasing number of people use CGC network for business and pleasure.

Moreover, with the development of Cloud technology, we will see further increase in productivity regarding web content and information exchange.

We are proud of supporting small businesses by standing on the same stage, with the same eyes, to assist in solving existing problems and discovering latent ones. With our expertise in these technologies we can help you grow your business.





  • ドメインをhelms.jpに変更
  • Launched Big Catch Flag sales
  • 海人工房オンラインショップをオープン

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  • iPad2を使ったデジタルサイネージシステムの開発を開始
  • 第2回帆掛けサバニレースinやんばるが中止に
  • iPadを使った会議サポートシステムの開発を開始
We are well trained for the technologies of HTML/CSS, XML, and the operation for the e-Learning system, website including online-shop.